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Are you a hiring company or firm tired of having your employees tell you they are unable to locate a field representative to complete a job?  Are you tired of not being able to find qualified field representatives?  Is the cost to locate a field representative too expensive, and the quality of the field representatives available are just too poor?  Are available field representatives not qualified?  Are you too stressed from such a simple request at a time when qualified field representatives are begging for additional work?


Stealth Field Service Enterprises, Inc. has finally created a system for all field representatives and all hiring companies and firms, banks and financial agencies, real estate companies, attorneys, courts, and anyone else that uses field representatives which works. 

Stealth Field Service Enterprises, Inc. is a nationwide full service professional corporation putting field service companies and individual professionals in contact with financial corporations, attorneys, and other professional vendors, companies and corporations in need of their services.  Whether you are in need of a professional for only a drive-by inspection, or for a simple door knock, or for a repossession, or you are in need of a notary service in the middle of Alaska or Hawaii, or a private investigator, we will have a professional individual or company for you.

Have you used other services where you get a list or disc of field representatives for you to search for someone to cover your assignment?  You first of all have a hard time finding someone because there is no standardized method to search for someone?  You search by zip code, by county, by city and nearby city, by state, etc., and you still can't find someone.  Some of the listed field representatives don't even have the area that they cover.  Then you get a somewhat partial list and you start calling.  Fifty percent of the field representative's phones are out of service, another twenty percent are out of the business, ten percent are wrong numbers, five percent are deceased (how embarrassing when their surviving spouse answers and informs you that their spouse deceased a year ago), ten percent are incorrect numbers, and the last five percent have voice mails, or maybe you quit calling by then.  Maybe you tried emails, and you send thirty emails out to the field representatives that you think cover the area according to the reports you pulled.  Sixty percent of them came back.  The other forty percent never answered.  On top of all of this, you are paying a fee to get this information.  All of this sound familiar?  Too familiar?

Stop.  Let us help you.  We have been there, and know all to well what you are going though.  Stealth Field Service Enterprises has come up with a system that works, and gets you the information and field representatives that you need.  And best of all, there is NO FEE to you. 


Here is how it works.  You send us a request via the last page of this website, or by telephone, fax or email, requesting the type of field representative that you are in need of (whether field agent, inspector, notary, process server, repossessor, private inspector, etc.), and the zip code that you need the specific field representative in.  We in return will forward you a email or fax in a PDF Report which will be in two parts.  First, it will contain all of the specific field representatives in our database for your zip code.  And second, it will also include additional field representatives, not specific to the type you are looking for, in order that you may possibly utilize one of them if there is not a specific field representative in that area.  All reports will include the field representative's name, company name (if any), address, telephone, cell and fax numbers, as well as a rating for each agent between 1 and 5 (5 being excellent service).  In return, we only ask that you rate each field representative that you use, in order that the next company or firm can have adequate and proper information on the individual or company.  It is as simple as that.

Why does this system work while so many others have failed?  First of all, Don Reider, the CEO and founder of Stealth Field Service Enterprises, Inc., brings over thirty seven years of combined experience to the corporation.  Mr. Reider has been in the field service business for the past five years, was previously the dealer principle of an auto dealership that ranked as one of the largest sub-prime auto dealers in the country, he was a general manager for a multi-franchise multi-location new and used auto dealership, the CEO of a paralegal firm, the CEO of a financial consulting firm, and has worked closely with over fifty financial institutions throughout the country, as well as working closely with attorneys, court systems, real estate companies, etc.

Next, unlike others that sell lists of field representatives, Stealth Field Service Enterprises does not charge the hiring company or firm at all, but rather charges the field representatives a small membership fee (approximately 16 cents/day) and contacted monthly.  With this small membership fee we can almost guarantee that the field representative is active.  If the field representative retires or for some reason is no longer available, the field representative will stop paying the fee.  This guarantees that you will always have a fresh and current report and list.

Finally, Stealth Field Service Enterprises standardizes their search parameters by only using zip codes.  No more searching for counties, states, cities, or having field representatives with no parameters for searching.  We make sure that all field representatives are correctly listed and active.


Register now in order to start using this free service.  Save yourself time and money, and a whole lot of headaches.

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